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Ron Wyatt on the importance of the Discoveries
Ron Wyatt speaks after presentation of the discoveries.

Ron Wyatt in Conclusion

Latest YouTube Discovery Videos
A compilation of some of the latest YouTube videos on the discoveries.*

YouTube Discovery Videos

*Made available by Jeff Baggaley

"Is It Noah's Ark" Special
2005 Tulsa television special investigation into the merits of the Durupinar site. Good documentation of the contention within the Christian community.

2005 Tulsa Television Special Investigation

"Tour to Noah's Ark"
This 2002 tour to the Durupinar site and surrounding area
was videotaped and includes investigation of petrified bark,
drogue anchorstones, ancient ruins and interviews with our
local guide and with the official caretaker of Turkey's
Nuhun Gemisi (Noah's Big Boat) National Park.

Introduction to Discovery
Day 1 - To Noah's Ark National Park & Durupinar Site
Day 2 - Visitor's Center & Ship Mound Investigation
Day 3 - Dogubayazit & Interview with Park Caretaker
Ending Scriptures & Credits

Ron Wyatt on "Today the Bible and You" (1988)
In 1988 Ron Wyatt was interviewed for "Today, the Bible and You."
The interview was for two 30 minute programs on the discoveries.
To me these interviews still best display Ron Wyatt as I remember him.
His manner and the presentation of what he found never changed.

Show Number One
Noah's Ark

Show Number Two
The Exodus Red Sea Crossing & Mount Sinai,
Pyramid Building & the Ark of the Covenant

The tape quality is a bit rough. A better copy is being sought.
The original tapes were stolen so maybe we'll see the thieves in Heaven.

1985 Durupinar Site Survey
In 1985 David Fasold videotaped use of a metal detector on
evenly spaced nodules running up the inside of the deck mound.
The use of legitimate equipment has been denied by certain parties
and this video shows very real strong metal readings
which do not exist outside the formation.

1985 Metal Detection Survey

Again, tape quality is rough being VHS copies from 20 plus years ago.
But still good enough to prove the point.

Made available from John McCoy

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