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Noah's Ark
Durupinar Site Related
Research Literature

"Noah in Ancient Greek Art"
Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr. - 2007
Robert makes the compelling case for the line of Kain being brought through the flood and becoming venerated as gods and goddesses of ancient Greece. Most importantly his research displays sculpture and pictoral depictions of Noah being presented as a historical figure through another ancient source.

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"Noah's Ark, The Evidence"
David Allen Deal - 2005
David continues his work on the ancient city of Mesha-Nauxan. A very engaging and thoroughly researched work on a huge discovery. Only the author's disclaimers of other discoveries detract from this important study.

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"The Boat-Shaped Object
on Doomsday Mountain"

Mary Nell Wyatt - 2004
280 page hardback book - Over 400 pictures. Compiled from unpublished manuscripts, field notes, and the personal and professional correspondence of Ronald W. Wyatt. The definitive source on Wyatt's belief, research and subsequent validation of the Durupinar site as the authentic remains of Noah's Ark.

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"Noah's Ark Uncovered"
Henri Nissen - 2004
Scandinavian journalist's informative and very well illustrated book on the overall history of the search for Noah's Ark, Documents early Ararat efforts and frauds. Presents Turkish Geology Professor Dr. Salih Bayraktutan's important and continuous efforts in favor of the Durupinar site. The book covers a great deal of information and is a good compilation on the discovery.

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"Noah's Ark Adrift in Dark Waters"
June Dawes - 2000
Personal communications presented reveal Fasold's unchanged belief in the Durupinar site in spite of betrayal through his later imprudent and ill-fated legal associations. Could have been a valuable resource regarding documentation attributed to David Fasold had the book stuck to the facts. Unfortunately, the author attacks all documentary activity on the Durupinar site outside of Fasold's in a painful attempt at absolution from being the unwitting originator of the Australian media disaster.

"The Day Behemoth &
Leviathan Died"

David Deal - 1999
Previous dinosaur book, revised with section on Durupinar site along with David's discoveries of higher landing site surrounded by ancient community remains. Author of the quote, "Detractors called it a boat-shaped object. That seems to me an apt desription of a boat."

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"Journey to Noah's Ark"
Ron Ledbetter, Jerry Lemler, Russell Lemler and Barry Rice - 1998
Account of explorers' 1996 journey to the Durupinar site. 50 pages of photos.

The Terrifying Quest"
Allen Roberts - 1994
Author's account of 1992 capture with Ron Wyatt's group. More pictures of Wyatt evidences.

"Insight Guides - Turkey"
Fourth Edition, 2nd Reprint
Picture of the Durupinar site on page 310

"The Discovery of Noah Ark"
David Fasold - 1990
Retitled United Kingdom second edition publishing of the same book.

"Discovered: Noah's Ark"
Ron Wyatt - 1989
Revised second edition with more pictures and information on Noah's Ark and other archaeological discoveries by Ron Wyatt.

"Discovered: Noah's Ark"
Ron Wyatt - 1989
Account of the man acknowledged by the Turkish government as the official discoverer of Noah's Ark. Presentation of evidences collected from 1977 through 1988 that Durupinar remains are in fact Noah's Ark

"The Ark of Noah"
David Fasold - 1988
Comprehensive study of Noah's Ark of world-wide accounts and evidences collected from independent research and from the Durupinar site by marine salvage expert brought to the site by Ron Wyatt. Continuation of the Reshit saga.

"The Lost Ship of Noah"
"In Search of the Ark at Ararat"
Charles Berlitz - 1987
First hard look at continued efforts on Durupinar site by Ron Wyatt and 1984 survey expedition including Wyatt, David Fasold and Marv Steffins.

"Noah's Ark Found"
"The End of the Search"
Rene Noorbergen - 1987
Unreleased book on the Durupinar site history and participants in the documentation effort.

"The Ark, A Reality?"
Richard C. Bright - 1984
Bright gives an honest evaluation of the boat shaped object, if not a supportive one. He documents the possible existence of an ancient lake where the ark remains are which could support the Ark's later mudflow slide to it's present position.

"Secrets of the Lost Races"
Rene Noorbergen - 1977
Pictures and structural line examination of Durupinar site. First mention of continued interest in the site by individuals.
(Wyatt was in contact with Noorbergen at the time)

"The Ark File"
Rene Noorbergen - 1974
Account of 1960 expedition based on 1959 aerial photograph formation discovered by Capt. Durupinar. Expedition members included the Author, Capt. Durupinar, Wilbur Bishop, Dr. Arthur Brandenberger and George Vandeman.

"Noah's Ark: Fact or Fable?"
Violet M. Cummings - 1972
To date summary of all Noah's Ark expedition accounts. Chapter on Durupinar site; "Mystery of the Phantom Ship." Picture of Turkish newspaper article on the discovery.

"Noah's Ark?
Boatlike form is seen near Ararat"

Life Magazine - Sept. 5 1960
1st expedition to Durupinar site. A quick two-day survey revealed no hard evidence that the formation was man made. Not all the team agreed that enough time was given to the investigation. An 18 inch cubit was also stated as the dimensions the expedition presumed.

"On the Mountains of Ararat,
In Quest for Noah's Ark"
A.J. Smith - 1950
Expedition based on 1948 AP report of farmer Reshit's account of sighting the ark. The search for the Ark and Reshit was unsuccessful due to looking in a limited area around and north of Mount Ararat and Ararat Minor.
The Turks tried to take them to Judah (Cudi) mountain to show them where it was. *Click for excerpt from book.
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Early Mount Ararat Expeditions

Carveth Wells - 1933
The illustrated narrative of a journey from Lenningrad to Mount Ararat in search of Noah's Ark.

"The Reported Discovery of Noah's Ark"
A.J. Smith, G.F. Fletchall - 1944

Reports of finds to date that include examinations of remains.

"The Forbidden Mountain"
Fernand Navarra - 1956

Navarra's first 1952 expedition. Illustrated.

"The Quest for Noah's Ark"
John Montgomery - 1972
Excellent reference for all expeditions and ascents of Ararat to date and illustrated narratives of 1970 & 1971 expeditions to Ararat.

"Adventure on Ararat"
John D. Morris - 1973
Illustrated narrative of 1972 Institute for Creation Research expedition to Ararat.

"Noah's Ark,
I Touched It"
Fernand Navarra - 1974
Illustrated narratives of expeditions to Ararat bringing back wood supposedly from Noah's Ark. Book was available in both hard and soft cover editions.

"The Noah's Ark Expedition"
Fernand Navarra - 1974
Retitled "Noah's Ark, I Touched It" published in the United Kingdom.

"Noah's Ark, Mystery of Ararat"
Larry D. Ikenberry - 1976
Good reference book on early Ararat expeditions and flood evidence.

"The Ark on Ararat"
Tim LaHaye & John Morris - 1976
Another good reference book on early expeditions and searches on Mount Ararat.

"In Search of Noah's Ark"
Dave Balsiger & Charles E. Sellier
Book that accompanied the movie of the same name. Inspired by Holy Ground Restoration group's picture of rock formation that appeared to be a bow and planks on a cliff.

"Noah's Ark Pitched and Parked"
Nathan M. Myer - 1977
Thoughtful presentation of flood evidence and the search for Noah's Ark.

"More than an Ark on Ararat"
James Irwin - 1982
Account of the former astronaut's expeditions, mishaps and spiritual ascent while searching on Mount Ararat.

"Agri-Dagh, The Painful Mountain"
Don Shockey - 1986
The Ed Davis Story and section on science and Genesis.

"Noah's Ark Found"
Tom Crotser & Jeremiah Patrick
Accounts of the Holy Ground Restoration group's expeditions and ascents of Ararat. Photograph of the Ark (proven doctored) among other photos of ancient artifacts.

Ararat adventures after the discovery and 1987 opening of
Noah's Ark National Park in Turkey continue based on the "traditions of men."
The remains of Noah's Ark
have been found!
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Sodom, Gomorrah and
The Cities of the Plains

Research Literature

"Fervent Heat
Sodom and Gomorrah"

Wyatt Archaeological Research - 2010
Book and DVD set presentation on the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah examines the Biblical record, past expeditions and provides new evidence through lab analysis, survey and further exploration.

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"Our Search for
Sodom and Gomorrah"

Simon Brown - 2006
Simon Brown heard of the ashen formations around the Dead Sea and investigated for himself. He found the remains as described and more. The author also took his own samples for testing and documents the results. The definitive documentation on the remains of the cities of the plains.

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"A Rood Awakening"
Michael J. Rood - 2004
Book and free DVD dispells all attempts to explain away the formations of Sodom, Gomorrah and the Cities of the Plains. Shows local construction material compostion of the formations and surprising preserved mineral salts left from the deceased inhabitants.

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"The Exodus Case"
Dr. Lennart Moller - 2000
Examination of the discovery of encapsulated brimstone and ashen formations in relationship to the Biblical narrative. Dust cover states "This book is based on the discoveries made by Ronald E. Wyatt."

"Discovered: Sodom and Gomorrah"
Jim Pinkoski - 1992
Magazine tells the story of the discovery by Ron Wyatt along with pictures and drawings.

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Frederic Brenner & A.B. Yehoshua - 1988
Amazing pre-discovery picture of ancient city of Gomorrah's remains.

"Search for Sodom and Gomorrah
Ralph E. Baney
CAM Press - 1962
Possible remains from pre-destruction of the area along with evidence of past fresh water.

"Explorations at Sodom"
Melvin Grove Kyle
Revell - 1928
Mentions lumps of free sulphur which were picked up around the plain.
The remains of Sodom, Gomorrah and
the cities of the plains have been found!
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The Red Sea Crossing Site
and Mount Sinai

Research Literature

"The Writing of God"
Dr. Miles Jones - 2010
An excellent study promoting the origin of alphabetic words came from God giving His Word and law. Literatacy and the knowledge of God was to be dispersed through the nation of Israel. This illustrated book shows that the Hebrews marked the land with depictions of the soles of their feet in the form of sandals which God promised to give them. The Saudis are desperately trying to keep this and the huge amount of evidence for a large Hebrew presence in Saudi a secret. The only negative in the book is bad reference and timeline information concerning Ron Wyatt. This has been addressed through our trading documentation and Miles does coerced, but fun, penance in the picture above holding Ron's book.

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"The Exodus Case"
Third Extended Edition

Dr. Lennart Moller - 2008
Continued update of the definitive Exodus documentation of new and ever-increasing evidence. Draws from additional documentation researchers Jim and Penny Caldwell, Dr. Sung Hak Kim and Dr. Glen Fritz.

"The God of the Mountain"
Penny Cox Caldwell - 2008

From 1992 to 1999 the Caldwell family made numerous explorations in Saudi Arabia to document the actual existence of Mount Sinai of the Bible. Each trip they made brought more discoveries confirming the Exodus story. Their identities had to be kept secret and their trips were full of intrigue. Penny Caldwell kept a journal of their amazing journeys and now their story can be told.

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"The Lost Sea of the Exodus"
Dr. Glen Fritz - 2008
New extensive research on the location of the Red Sea Crossing Site of the Exodus. Examines and proves the Aqaba leg of the Red Sea as the Yam Suph of scripture.

Available from Ancient

"Jebel Maqla - Mount Sinai?"
Jim and Penny Caldwell - 2000

The source of Ron's early photographic evidence of Mount Sinai. Jim Caldwell was the donor of video and photos while working in Saudi. The Caldwells discovered the Split Rock at Horeb.

Available from

"The Exodus Case"
Second Edition

Dr. Lennart Moller - 2002
Continued update of the definitive Exodus documentation adding new and ever-increasing evidence. Dust cover states "This book is based on the discoveries made by Ronald E. Wyatt."

"The Exodus Case"
Dr. Lennart Moller - 2000
The Definitive documentation of the Exodus route across Sinai, the Red Sea Crossing Site across the Gulf of Aqaba and the trail leading to Jebel el Lawz presented as the Biblical Mount Sinai.

"The Mountain of Moses"
Larry Williams - 1990
Forward by David Fasold reveals his participation in the 1985 expedition to Jabel El Lawz with Ron Wyatt and map given to Larry Williams. First pictures of Mount Sinai and area able to get out of Saudi. Pictures reveal fenced off archaeological area proving Wyatt's earlier presentation to the Saudis. First of three books and versions of their trip to Saudi by Williams and Bob Cornuke.

"Discovered: Noah's Ark"
Ron Wyatt - 1989
Chapter on Red Sea Crossing Site and Mount Sinai with documentation of early expeditions and transcript of Ron and his sons' appearance on CBS Morning News and interview with Bill Kurtis on April 18th, 1984 after being imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for 78 days. Documents Wyatt's presentation of the site of Mount Sinai to the Saudis who subsequently fenced off the entire area as an archaeological area.

"Treasures of the Lost Races"
Rene Noorbergen - 1982
Documents Ron Wyatt's initial identification and exploration of an Aqaba crossing site and his belief that Jabel El Lawz fit the Bible narrative description for Mount Sinai.

"The Land of Midian"
H St. John Philby - 1957
Overwhelming evidence for the traditional and geographical location of Midian. Suggests Jebel Lauz as range containing Mt. Sinai. Philby travels and documents.

"With Lawrence in Arabia"
Lowell Thomas - 1924
Tells of strong Arab belief and tradition of Mount Sinai and the rock split by Moses being in Midian area of Arabia.

"The Land of Midian"
Sir Richard Burton - 1879
Describes Dr. Beke's 1st application of his term Mountain of Light to Jebel el-Lauz and Burton's agreement with Beke of the absurdity of transferring Midian to the Sinai Peninsula.
The Red Sea Crossing Site and
Mount Sinai have been found!
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The Ark of the Covenant
Research Literature

"Revealing God's Treasure"
Kevin Fisher - 2017
"REVEALING GOD'S TREASURE is a new high quality fully illustrated Discoveries evidence book by Kevin Fisher.   This book features information on Ron Wyatt and all the major discoveries he made and presented.   The book is full of pictures from Kevin's visits to the sites along with other photos and information.   It is also highlighted by the first demonstrative evidence that the Ark of the Covenant truly rests below the crucifixion site of Jesus Christ where the narrative of the Bible places it and where Ron Wyatt reported it located.

Available from

"General Gordon on Golgotha"
The Garden Tomb - 2012, Edited by Rosalind Meryon
Letters to the Royal Household from Jerusalem in 1883 from General Charles Gordon of Khatoum to Sir John Cowell, Comptroller to the household of Queen Victoria. General Gordon was the reason for the name Gordon's Calvary. He identified the skull hill north of the old city wall of Jerusalem as Golgotha, calling it the true Altar, and stating he believed the Ark of the Covenant to be in Jeremiah's Grotto under it. Following the narrative of the Bible, he identified the area as the Garden containing the tomb of Christ. Gordon was a great Biblical scholar unencumbered by false teachings from modern mistranslations of the Bible.

Available from The Garden Tomb

"The Blood of Jesus on
the Ark of the Covenant"

J. L. Harris - 2003
Heart felt examination of the concept of Jesus blood sprinkled onto the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. Confirmed this author's examination of "the blood of the sprinkling" from Hebrews 12:24.

"Ark of the Covenant"

Jonathan Gray - 1997
Massive extended history, story and pictures surrounding the discovery and the evidence.

"The Ark of the Covenant"
Wyatt Archaeological Research - 1995
All the research and story behind the discovery of the actual crucifixion site of Jesus Christ, the Ark of the Covenant and their connection. Compiled from WAR newsletters and compiled and written by Mary Nell Wyatt.

"Elijah, Rothchilds and
the Ark of the Covenant"

Tom Crotser and Jeremiah Patrick - 1986

Crotser's research led him to Jordan where he alleged to have photographed a box with brass mesh and claimed to have discovered the ark even though it did not fit the Biblical description. His earlier research had rightfully placed the ark around Jerusalem, however his mentors went the wrong direction from the temple mount.

"Treasures of the Lost Races"
Rene Noorbergen - 1982
Documents Ron Wyatt's early excavation in the Garden Tomb area and tunneling efforts in the hillside of Golgotha and Jeremiah's Grotto.

"The Search for the
Authentic Tomb of Jesus"

William Steuart McBirnie - 1975
Early photos of Golgatha and the case for the Garden Tomb at Gordon's Calvary.

"The Ark of the Covenant"
Arthur E. Bloomfield - 1965
Discusses Ark's significance prior to Christ's return. 2nd edition released in 1976 "Where is the Ark of the Covenant and what is it's role in Bible prophecy?".

"The Mystery of the Fate of
  the Ark of the Covenant"

Re. Cyril C Dobson, M.A. - 1939
Describes traditions, descriptions and symbolisms concerning the Ark of the Covenant and possible locations of it's whereabouts.

The Crucifixion Site and Garden Tomb of Jesus match the Bible narrative and evidence points to the Ark of the Covenant and Mercy Seat being underneath!
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Visual Media


"Revealing God's Treasures"
DVD - 2008
Video documentary on more
evidence of the Discoveries.

Available DVD

"Presentation of Discoveries"
DVD - 2006, VHS - 1993
Discoveries presentations of remains proving major Biblical narrative events investigated and documented by Ron Wyatt.

Available in VHS or DVD

Noah's Ark

"Tour to Noah's Ark"
DVD & VHS - 2005
Documentary of tour exploring the remains of Noah's Ark and local related artifacts in the surrounding countryside. Features an interview with Hasan Ozer, the official caretaker of Noah's Ark National Park in Eastern Turkey.


"Discovery of Noah's Ark"
"The Whole Story"

DVD - 2005
Compilation of previously released "The Discovery of Noah's Ark" and "Noah's Ark Found?" featuring the research and field work of Ron Wyatt and David Fasold.

Found on

"The Discovery of Noah's Ark"
"The Best Evidence"

VHS - 2002
Reveals higher mathematics and advanced hydrodynamics of the man-made boat-shaped object known as the Durupinar remains. Also documents the geographical location and correct dimensions.

Found on

"Noah's Ark Found?"

DVD - 1999
Investigation and presentation of the Discovery of a half-buried boat-shaped object that is established as Noah's Ark. Narrated by Dean Stockwell.

Found on

"Noah's Ark Found?"
VHS - 1997
Presents evidence with the aid of technologically advanced sensing devices, controlled chemical analysis and strict archaeological field work.

Found on

"The Discovery of Noah's Ark"
VHS & DVD - 1993
Reveals early origins of the Ararat stories and fraudulent activities including revealing the actual writer of the ficticious Russian aviator story. Explains Reshit saga along with subsequent early research and field work on the site.

Available at Reality Zone

"Discovered Noah's Ark"
VHS & DVD - 1993
Wyatt Archaeological Research video documenting the research and field work of Ron Wyatt the officially recognized discoverer of the remains of Noah's Ark.

Available from

*Photo for Illustration Only
"Ark Field Surveys
(1985 & 1986)"

VHS - 1986
Rare footage of early field work at the durupinar site. Metal detecting hits on objects at regular intervals dispel ridiculous fraud claims by detractors. Ron Wyatt, David Fasold & John Baumgartner.

Available from John McCoy at

Sodom & Gomorrah

"Fervent Heat
Sodom and Gomorrah"

DVD - 2010
Richard Rives, sons and crew explore the formations of Sodom and Gomorrah and provide evidence for the ancient Biblical remains through survey and analysis.

Available from

"Our Search for Real Discoveries near the Dead Sea"
DVD - 2007
Retired U.K. businessman Simon Brown, wife and crew return to the formations of Sodom and Gomorrah and investigate further into the locations and evidence of ancient Biblical remains near the Dead Sea.

Available from

"Our Search for Sodom and Gomorrah"
DVD - 2007
Retired U.K. businessman Simon Brown, wife and crew investigate the ashen remains and sulfur balls throughout the formations of Sodom and Gomorrah. Professional sulfur testing documented on the video.

Available from

"Sodom and Gomorrah"
DVD - 2004
DVD dispells all attempts to explain away the formations of Sodom, Gomorrah and the Cities of the Plains. Shows local construction material compostion of the formations, the ashen remains, sulfur balls throughout the area and surprising preserved mineral salts left from the deceased inhabitants.

Available from

"Discovered Sodom & Gomorrah"
VHS - 1992
First extensive video footage of these ashen formations along with the discovery or first recognition by Ron Wyatt.

Available in VHS or DVD

*Photo for Illustration Only
"Presentation of
Sodom and Gomorrah"

VHS - 1991
Presentation of the discovery at the
"God's News Behind the News" Prophecy Conference in Feb 1991 by Ron Wyatt.

Not currently available

The Exodus

"The Real Mount Sinai
and Israel's Title Deed to The Land"
DVD - 2012
Michael Rood's unique style of presenting evidence and new sources of evidence on the Exodus, Mt. Sinai, the rock split by Moses, and the wilderness of the Hebrews wandering claimed by their pictographing the soles of their feet for the promise God made to them. (Deuteronomy 11:24)

Available from Michael Rood on the Loose

"Sinai in Arabia"
DVD - 2009
Video evidence on Mt. Sinai, the rock split by Moses, the Exodus and wilderness of the Hebrews wandering. This is evidence being being hidden by the monarchy and officials of Saudi Arabia

Available from Split Rock Research

"Endtimes Archaeology"
VHS - 2004
Video evidence of the Exodus including
the Red Sea Crossing Site and Mt. Sinai

Available from

Dr. Lennart Möller Explains

VHS - 2003
Interview on the physical evidence.

Available from

"The Exodus Revealed
Search for the Red Sea Crossing"

DVD - 2002
DVD version of the video includes additional features on the Pharoah of the Exodus and the Ten Commandments.

Available from

"The Exodus Revealed
Search for the Red Sea Crossing"

VHS - 2001
VHS tracks the exodus out of Egypt, across Sinai, through the Red Sea at Nuweiba to Mount Sinai and the extensive evidence trail all along the way.

Available from

"Discovered Exodus"
VHS - 1998
Video footage of the presentation of Jebel el Lawz as Mount Sinai and the Gulf of Aqaba at Nuweiba as the site of the Red Sea Crossing by Ron Wyatt.

Available in VHS or DVD

The Ark of
the Covenant

"Our Search for the Tomb of Jesus"
DVD - 2007
Simon Brown's investigation in Israel on the Garden Tomb being the actual tomb of Jesus.

Available from

"In Depth; The Ark of the Covenant"
VHS - 2000
Video footage of the discovery story of Ron Wyatt and documentation of his excavation efforts.

Available in VHS or DVD

"Zedekiah's Cave"
VHS - 2000
Ron Wyatt goes into Zedekiah's Cave and discusses the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant.

Not currently available

"Ark of the Covenant"
Vitual Interprative Centre

CD ROM - 1996
The CD-Rom offers a unique experience with images and over 1 hour of video segments and presents the full story of the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant as well as 4 other major archaeological discoveries. .

Available from

More to Come!

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