Noah's Ark  and
The Great Flood
The Discovery
In 1977 Ron Wyatt made the first of many trips to the region of Ararat in search of a boat shaped formation he had first seen in Life Magazine in September of 1960. Ron took his sons Ronny and Danny on this first trip and before they left due to a dangerous situation Ron had seen the boat shaped formation, found huge drogue style anchor stones and founds remains associated with Noah and his family.
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The full story from Wyatt Archaeological Research.
What the Bible narrative says about where the Ark landed.

Article "Noah's Ark?" from Life Magazine, September 5, 1960..

Discoveries of Ron's First Trip

One of many massive Drogue Stones and large unique object with appearance of bark. Markings point to them as religious artifacts.

The formation as Ron first saw it in 1977. | Grave marker showing 8 figures with a larger male and a larger female center with eyes closed.

Subsequent Evidence Discovered

Carving Ron found above the Ark. | Carving seen lower right.

Petrified deck timber found with radar. | Sectioned, it revealed lamination.

Best example of many metalic rivets found. | Petrified coral found at 6500 feet in elevation at the formation with a perfectly level and smooth backside that indicates being attached to an object that was not natural.

Unbiased Archaeological Evidence

Standing on the bow of the Ark formation. | The bow of the Viking "ghost" ship of Ladby in Fyen, Denmark after excavation.

The collapsed deck mound of the Ark formation is as expected,
just as the Viking ship of Oseberg, Norway.

The Anglo-Saxon ship, Sutton-Hoo showing iron rivets
and planking impressions.

Bracket with rivet and indented pins found on the formation.

The formation shows the discoloration of the exposed section material after a 1978 earthquake pulled the surrounding soil away from the northern side.

* "By observing the metal parts and and making the most of the discolorations of the soil, it was possible to reconstruct the boat almost as well as if the wooden hull itself had been preserved."
(from Archaeology and Society by Grahame Clark, Methuen & Co Ltd, 1939)

Discovery pictures courtesy of Wyatt Archaeological Research
Rivets photograph courtesy of

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